The Thunder Rolls

Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder just keep on winning and winning and winning, 11 in a row now to be exact and are the NBA’s first 20 win team this season courtesy of tonight’s 107-93 win over the San Antonio Spurs.  In this 11 game streak they have racked up 100+ points in 10 of their 11 wins and in their last loss to the Boston Celtics they put up 100 points in the Garden.  After a slow start, 0-2 before their first win, the Thunder are the NBA’s form team and have silenced any would be doubters that existed before or at the start of the season that said they would struggle after losing in the NBA finals or that trading Harden was a bad deal.

With a young team that made the NBA final last year and Russell Westbrook continuing to rise to superstar status the Thunder have an awesome Dynamic Duo in Westbrook and Kevin Durant, possibly the best in the league with Lebron and D Wade being the main competition and even at that it is Lebron carrying the majority of the weight there.

Championships are not won in December but, OKC are showing to all they are an improved team on last year and with a stacked Lakers team struggling to do much in Los Angeles, OKC look like they are still top dogs in the West and at this stage look like the best team in the NBA.


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