Jets exit race in season defining fashion

Mark Sanchez

A typical Sanchez look of frustration and bewilderment this season.

Stop me if it sounds familiar.  Jets lose with Sanchez having an error filled game and calls for Tebow for Quarter Back.

The New York Jets exited the playoff race in Nashville tonight but the lasting image from the game could be THAT fumble.

Sanchez threw 4 interceptions and just 131 yards in what could be the game that pulls the curtain down on Sanchez’s Jets career.

The low point of Sanchez’s season appeared to be the “Butt fumble” against the Patriots on Thanksgiving but tonight with the possibility of winning the game and staying alive in the playoff race, Sanchez’s fumble from the snap is the low point of his NFL career.  “That’s about as bad as it gets” said coach Rex Ryan when asked about the fumble, suggesting his patience with his Quarter Back is running thin.

Sanchez’s Jets career looks uncertain, when the normally staunch defender of his QB Ryan, was non committal on the future of Number 6. “I’m not ready to say who will be our quarterback for the next game,” Ryan said, when asked about the future of his QB in New York.

The Jets QB situation is beyond farcical at this stage with a starting QB who seems to be damaged beyond repair and who is owed $8.5 million next season, the Jets have place all their faith in Sanchez.  Tim Tebow is looking on from the sidelines but with team mates who do not seem to want him there Tebow’s stay in New York may not extend beyond Game 16.

This game underlined all that is wrong with the Jets, Sanchez throwing 4 INT’s and Tebow when he got some game time could not get any play action going, 0 for 1 passing with obviously 0 passing yards, and 3 rushing attempts going for 15 yards, it showed the uncertainty and incompetence of the Jets offence this season.  Oh how Jets fans must wish their team had attempted to get Peyton Manning to join his brother in New York.

There are now many questions surrounding this organization.  Will Sanchez be QB next season?  Should Sanchez be QB next season?  If no, how do they get him off the payroll?  It will be hard to get any value in a trade.  Will Tebow be there next year?  Can he be?  The current situation surely cannot fly next season?  Will Ryan be there next season?  If no will he walk or be pushed?

The end of the season cannot come quickly enough for the Jets, two dead rubbers to end the season is  not how they wanted the season to play out.  However it will be interesting to see who starts as QB over the next two weeks.  Despite being out of relevance in the playoff picture the QB scenario means they may not be out of the headlines.


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