Raptors are hot

Toronto Raptors win against Orlando Magic keeps the winning streak going, now at 5, and makes the Raptors the hottest team in the East at the minute in terms of winning streak.  The fact that they have a Last 10 record of 5 and 5 is a reminder of what went before but Toronto have turned a corner and can now at least think of pushing towards the playoffs this season.  At lease more so now than they could a week ago.

Jose Calderon

Jose Calderon in action for the Raptors

The win came at a cost however with rookie Jonas Valanciunas breaking a finger on his right hand when battling for the ball under the basket.

Coach Dwane Casey will be happy for Christmas with things looking good for the first time this season.  But he will be wary of over confidence, “We’re 9-and-19, there is no overconfidence in that room or in the coaches room,” the Raptors coach said. “We still have a lot of work to do. We’re not satisfied, we’re still a work in progress, we’re happy about five in a row, but we haven’t gone anywhere.” he said when asked about his team getting over confident.

The Raptors face a tough test on Boxing Day in San Antonio against one of the strongest teams in the league which may be the end of this current streak.  They close out the year on the road visiting New Orleans and Orlando and will be happy if they can go 2 for 3 before heading back to Toronto for New Year.

The Raptors are a work in progress and have a lot of work to do but five wins in a row is cause for celebration in Toronto over Christmas dinner.


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