What next for Fernando Torres?

What does the signing of Demba Ba for Chelsea mean for the future Fernando Torres at Stamford Bridge?

Fernando Torres

A forlorn Fernando Torres sitting on the Chelsea bench

Torres cut a forlorn figure as he sat on the bench at Southampton while watching Ba score twice.  Ba has done something in the last two three seasons that Torres has not and that is score regularly in the Premier League.

When Rafa Benitez took the reins at Stamford Bridge it looked as though it might be the kick start that Torres needed at Chelsea.  He was one of the world’s best strikers when the two worked together at Liverpool and the thought process was that this may happen at Chelsea with a team built for Torres.  But with Benitez preferring to play with a lone striker is there room for Ba and Torres?

I believe that this will pave the way for Torres to move back to Atletico Madrid.  Atletico are currently in second in La Liga and will, barring a collapse (they are currently 10 points clear of 5th place), be playing Champions League fooball next season.  But for the unbelievable form of Barcelona, Atletico would be challenging closely for the La Liga title.  Atletico could finish ahead of their illustrious neighbours Real Madrid this season and are now more of a force in Spanish football than in previous seasons.  A move back to the club that made him would be a move that the Spanish striker would be enthused by, especially now that they are contending in Spain and can offer Champions League football next season if they continue their current form.  Whether this move would be to partner Atletico’s scorer in chief Radamel Falcao or as part of a deal to bring the Colombian striker to Chelsea would remain to be seen.  The Blues have shown their interest in bringing Falcao to Chelsea and could use Torres as part of any potential deal.  Atletico may prefer this type of deal than anything Real Madrid or Manchester City can offer as bringing Torres back to Atletico is something that everyone linked with the club would happy about.

Fernando Torres

Will Torres end up back in Madrid?

It is also a move that I believe Torres would jump at.  It is well known his love for the club.  He moved from Spain in 2007 as he knew he needed to if he wanted to progress his career and play at the highest level.  Now with Atletico playing at a higher level and in all likelihood going to be playing Champions League football next season, this would enable Torres to play at the highest level with the club he loves.  Maybe more importantly it will allow him to PLAY, as with Chelsea it does not look like he will do that too often.

It certainly will be an interesting second half of the season, particularly if Demba Ba continues his goal scoring form.  Will Torres get much of a chance to show he is worth his place?  Will Ba and Torres play together?

The more uncertain things get at Stamford Bridge for Torres the lure of going home will increase.


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