Suarez is being punished for being Suarez

Luis Suarez

Suarez doing his usual celebration against Everton

The outpouring of anger directed at Luis Suarez as a result of his handball in the 2nd goal for Liverpool against Mansfield is only such because he is Luis Suarez. He is an easy target after last season’s racism row and the fact that he has prior misdemeanors.

I am a Manchester United fan, so it would be easy to criticise him and cry “cheat” as he is a Liverpool player.  But to me this is not the case with this goal.

My view on the goal is that the ball bounced up at him from a close angle. It is almost in after it hits his hand. He kicks it at the net as he expects the referee to blow for a handball and I reckon he was surprised it was not called. People have be outraged that he kissed his hand and wrist but he does this after every goal he scores, hand is his wedding finger and wrist is a tattoo of his child’s name. It may have looked like he was kissing as a way of kissing the hand he “cheated” with but this is not the case. In hindsight maybe he should have abandoned this celebration ritual but a lack of thought about how to celebrate is all he is guilty of.

The media have an agenda against Suarez and this is further evident in the reaction to this.  If this was any other player the criticism would be directed at the referee and his assistant for not awarding a free kick.  It was pretty obvious and should have been spotted, Suarez knew it, you could see it in his reaction.  He did not think the goal would stand.  The referee and his assistant are in the wrong here, not Suarez.

Check out the video below.  Look at Suarez’s reaction, to me it is the look of someone who is surprised the goal stood.


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