Oilers rookie Yakupov shows raw emotion in game tying goal

There were some who did not like it but the celebration by Edmonton Oilers rookie Nail Yakupov was a demonstration in raw emotion and pure joy on Thursday night.

To get a grasp of why he celebrated so wildly one has to realise that this was his first NHL goal. He had just scored the tying goal with 4.7 seconds remaining against the Stanley Cup holders LA Kings. They had just had a perfectly good goal disallowed close to the end of the game. The atmosphere was high in the building. With all of that it was perfectly natural for the rookie to celebrate as he did.
It is always good to see genuine joy in professional sport and after a bitter lockout dispute it is heart warming to see a player playing and celebrating with a love of the game being the number one priority.

Check out the celebration in the video below.


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