Mancini is the reason why City have regressed

Following another setback in Manchester City’s title challenge in the shape of their 3-1 loss to Southampton, City manager Roberto Mancini has taken to blaming his players once again.  This is the usual protocol for the Italian who has shown himself to be confrontational with his players and is very quick to throw them under the bus when speaking to the media after defeat.

Manchester City

Roberto Mancini’s poor man management has eventually told at Manchester City.

“The players played really bad – without strength, without personality.” is one of the comments he said after the game.  It is up to Mancini to ensure his players play with strength and personality.  He has taken the personality out of these players.  The vast majority of his players have regressed under him and it is because of his confrontational management style.  Samir Nasri is a pale shadow of the player purchased from Arsenal.  James Milner has steadily gone backwards, Gareth Barry is probably past his prime but continues to be played under Mancini.  Joe Hart has been below par this season.  David Silva has not been anywhere near as effective as he was last season.  Edin Dzeko scores goals but has not been given the chance to perform under Mancini, instead the enigma that was Balotelli started ahead of him.  Mancini’s constant playing of Balotelli did nothing to boost morale in the City dressing room.

On Joe Hart’s error that lead to the second goal Mancini said the following,”It was a really bad mistake,” but this is not strange. He has made two or three mistakes this year and this is not good for us.”  Yes it was a bad error but did he have to mention the previous mistakes?  One can not see Alex Ferguson throwing his goalkeeper to the wolves like that in such a public forum.

Mancini has been given a luxury treasure chest to bring success to City and while he did bring the Premier League title last season to Eastlands he has managed to make a talented squad mediocre through poor man management.


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