Lebron on fire in OKC

Lebron James gave a master class performance in Miami’s Heat in Miami’s 110-100 victory over Oklahoma City Thunder in Oklahoma last night.

His streak of shooting 30 plus points and over 60% from the field may have ended, he shot “just” 58%, but his display was magnificent throughout as the Heat showed the Thunder they still have something to find if they are to take their title.  It was also a MVP display as Lebron once again beat Kevin Durant, Durant did have a game high 40 points however.  But it was Lebron who dominated this game as he guided his team to victory, both with his individual scoring but also his part in his team’s ball movement.  It is the Heat’s ball movement which makes them superior to OKC and is something the Thunder lack in their game and may be what prevent them from winning the NBA this year.

It was Lebron’s ending of the second quarter which best illustrates his performance as he shot 4 jump shots in succession to close out the half.

Check out Lebron’s “nothing but net” display at the end of the half in the following video.

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