National League Division 4 Week 7 Preview

Division 4

Mick O Dwyer

If Mick O Dwyer’s Clare win on Sunday they will get promoted to Division 3.

Leitrim v London

Neither of these sides can be promoted or make the final so this is their last competitive game before the championship.  Leirim have disappointed in the league as there were hopes of a promotion push after they won the FBD league.

Verdict: Leitrim

Carlow v Waterford

Both of these sides sit on 4 points with nothing to play for in terms of promotion.

Verdict: Carlow

Offaly v Tipperary

Both sides sit on 8 points with promotion the prize on offer for the winner.  Various permutations apply here depending on results.  If Limerick win their game then the winner of this clash will be promoted.  If Clare beat Limerick then the winner of this clash will join Limerick and Clare on 10 points.  The winner of this game would be promoted with Clare as Limerick have the worst score difference of the promotion candidates heading into the weekend.  If this games ends in a draw, neither side would be promoted if Clare won but Tipperary would be promoted if Clare drew with Limerick.  The winner will ensure their own fate regardless of what happens in Ennis.

Verdict: Tipperary

Clare v Limerick

If Limerick avoid defeat they will be promoted.  If Clare win they will be promoted, they would be in the top two in score difference in any three way tie.  If Clare draw they will not be promoted if there is a winner between Tipperary and Offaly, they would also lose out on score difference to Tipperary if they drew and Tipperary and Offaly drew.  So its pretty simple for Clare, win and get promoted, don’t and they won’t.  If Limerick lose the only way they avoid not getting promoted is if Tipperary and Offaly draw, they will lose out in any three way decider on score difference.  This should lead to a competitive edge to this game in Ennis as it is all to play for.

Verdict: Limerick

Predicted Promoted Teams: Limerick & Tipperary.

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