Fight to start Calgary and Vancouver in NHL

The ugly side of hockey was on display in Vancouver Saturday night when an all out brawl developed after just two seconds.

Calgary sent out their fourth line and Vancouver responded kind, with Canucks coach John Torterella unhappy that the Flames started with their bruisers.  At first intermission he made a beeline for the Flames dressing room to let his feelings be known to Flames coach Bob Hartley.  This showed a real lack of leadership and discipline from a coach of a professional sports team and was probably the worst decision he made all night, and is something he is sure to hear from the league about.

The brawl lead to four players from each side being ejected from the game, including Canucks debutant Kellan Lain.  It ended an awful week for the Canucks who lost 3 road games, including a 9-1 mauling in Anaheim.

Torterella defended his selection to match lines, saying he did not want it to happen but had to protect his players.  This may be the case but fights like this, while entertaining, do nothing to enhance the sport and adds to calls to ban fighting from hockey.  If the sport wants to be taken seriously and progress it will need to address this issue.


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