National Football League Division 2 Predictions

Down and Monaghan meet on Saturday to open up Division 2.  On Sunday Donegal travel to Laois, Louth and Armagh meet in a local derby while Galway travel to Meath.

Division 2

Karl Lacey

Karl Lacey will hope to overcome his injuries from 2013.









Division 2 sides fared poorly in last year’s championship with no side who competed in the division last year making it to the championship quarter finals.  Donegal and Monaghan did feature in the quarter finals, Donegal operated out of Division 1 while Monaghan were promoted from Division 3, winning the Ulster title in the Summer against Donegal.

Donegal are the strongest side in this division and if they give it due attention they should grab one of the promotion spots.

There are plenty of sides with potential in this division but that can also disappoint.  Galway are a prime example of this, they have lots of potential, have won Under 21 All Ireland’s but do not seem to have adapted to modern football.  They were beaten by 17 points in the championship by Mayo but recovered well to get to the 4th round of the qualifiers were they ran Cork close.  Galway will need to develop a game plan over the course of the league.

Monaghan will do well to match last year.  It will be testing in Division 2 but they need to be in this higher division to further progress.

Down were relegated from Division 1 last year, but played well in their games.  They will look to bounce back and should be competitive at the top end of the division.

Laois came into last year with so much promise but failed to deliver.  They seem to have regressed but will look to recover in 2014.  hey will look to maintain their status but could be looking over their shoulder.

Louth, Meath and Armagh will be looking to stay in the division and should be the teams battling it out at the bottom.

Promotion: Donegal & Down

Relegated: Louth & Meath


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