David Moyes sacking “imminent” – 10 mistakes that have caused his downfall.

David Moyes

David Moyes has endured a difficult season as manager of Manchester United.

According to every sports media outlet, the sacking of David Moyes as manager of Manchester United is imminent.  The Scot has endured a tough year with United going from champions to seventh in his maiden, and possibly only, season as manager at Old Trafford.

It is a pity to watch as he has been torn apart from every side.  He did a good job at Everton, but, Roberto Martinez taking the Toffees to a new and higher level has not looked good for Moyes as he struggles with a team who won the Premier League comfortably last season.

He has struggled with the intense scrutiny that being manager at Old Trafford entails.

It would be nice to see him succeed as manager at United but it appears that time has run out for him to do so.

He has not been sacked yet and he may get to stay as manager until the end of the season.  It is thought that if he goes to the board to seek clarification on his future that he will not get the assurances he is seeking and will then tender his resignation which will be accepted.

There have been a lot of errors this season.  Below,  (by following the link)the Daily Telegraph list the 10 mistakes (9 really along with one plus) that have lead to his probable removal in Manchester.



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